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Oct 02, 2009

Melitron Automates Welding System to Meet Higher Volume Requirements

Melitron purchases a Panasonic Perform Arc 112S Tawers Welding System to meet higher volume requirements, increase speed, productivity, accuracy and quality.

Melitron introduces an automated industrial welding system to its manufacturing facility that will create tremendous savings in time and money. Benefits arrive from weld quality, labor savings, decreased costs, ease of operation, repeatability, reliability, scrap, rework reduction and increased productivity. As companies are confronted more with rising costs and global competition, these advantages are something modern manufacturing organizations cannot afford to ignore.

Well-engineered welding systems include benefits that range from improved weld quality to decreased variable labor costs. The foremost advantages are:

  • Improved Weld Quality: Mechanized welding improves weld integrity and repeatability.
  • Increased Output/Volume: Production weld speeds are set by the machine at a reasonable percentage of maximum. With minimized part setup time, and higher weld speeds, increased output will occur.
  • Decreased Scrap Rework: Automating the torch/part motions and part placement minimizes the error potential.
  • Decreased Variable Labour Costs: Relying on human welders dramatically increases a manufacturer’s labour costs. A Semi-Automatic system will normally have at least twice the output of a skilled welder. A fully automatic system with sufficient stations can run at four times the pace of a semi-automatic system or at eight times the pace of a skilled welder.

Headquartered in Guelph, Canada, Melitron Corporation is a leading contract manufacturer of precision metal components, enclosures and assemblies. Melitron specializes in providing flexible manufacturing solutions to OEMs competing in global technology markets including; aerospace, computing, EMS, industrial, medical, and security. An integrated business model provides customers with a single source manufacturing solution encompassing design, fabrication, finishing, assembly and distribution.

Melitron’s world class facilities are equipped with the latest in advanced manufacturing technologies and automated systems; enhancing efficiencies, reducing costs and delivering our customers competitive manufacturing solutions. Melitron has two manufacturing facilities in Canada and a sales office in Milwaukee, USA.

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